Simple Matrix License # 431332


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Explanation & Details:

License #:







Simple License Matrix

  1.   Always Give Credit

  2.   Allows Some Commercial Mixing and Adaptation

  3.   Allows Non-Commercial Mixing, Sharing and Adaptation

  4.   Most Derivatives are to be Licensed the Same

  5.   Allows Some Use of Original Work for Commercial Use  

   including copying, distributing, and transmitting the work

  1.   Allows Most Original Work for Non-Commercial Use

   including copying, distributing, and transmitting the work

You may use this work for non-commercial mixing and derivatives, but they must be shared alike most of the time.  If the derivative work access the original work or a library database, then there will be times when the derivative does not need to follow this license verbatim.  When using commercial applications of the original work it should be on an individual basis or small scale, and if the user wishes to copy and replicate the work itself or a commercial purpose, then the individual should contact the author first.  The Original work can be used for most copying, distribution, transmission etc, as long as it isn’t within a large scale contract or large corporate or government application.  If a large corporation or government wishes to use the original work, please contact the author first.


Any of these permission constraints can be waved by getting permission directly from the author. 

If any component of this work is within the Public Domain, this license does not affect or change that status.

Use common sense when using someone else's work, and use it fairly and morally as the author would intended it to be used as best as possible, including respecting privacy and collaborative group works that involve more than one person.  Trust and values are essential for the collective growth of common and publicly available work.  And remember there can always be additional contracts the author has with other organizations and people which should not be interfered with as best as possible.  If you have knowledge of that type of contract and you fear you may be interfering simply contact the author as best you can.

Compatibility & Equivalents

There is no direct or indirect legal license equivalent to this license.  If you know of any that are even vaguely related please let us know.  We will relate it to an other SLM license in the future to explain the differences.

How the License May Look:

“This Work” is licensed under Simple License Matrix # 431332

SLM License # 431332

SLM License # 431332

The Web Link itself is the most important part of the License and you can certainly add the www. or http:// if you want to.

Simple Matrix License # 431332

“Most Commercial Uses, Non-Commercial Mixing and Some Original Use, Weak Copyleft, ShareAlike.”